I started my company 30 years ago in Hawaii almost by accident doing arts and crafts in my kitchen with my then very young children who are all grown up now (my how time flies ) making little clay animals, flowers, insects and gecko lizards. They were pretty darn cute looking and since I was trying to figure out a way to make some extra cash in addition to managing my fathers kites and toy store I went to a few gift stores to show them to the owners and buyers. Usually they would immediately exclaim "OH MY GOSH!" (hence the idea for my company name) and order them. OMG quickly became a very successful gift line making gifts that truly bring peoples imagination to life.

I have been able to manufacture, distribute and represent in a wide variety of mediums many unique, fun, inspirational and successful selling gift lines. I am happy, grateful and blessed to have so many loyal customers that I have been able to share both friendship and prosperity with all these years.

 I look forward  to prospering together.